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How to get a loyalty card?
Registration can be done directly in the restaurant or on our Web site, and then you will be informed by SMS when your card is ready no pick.

What does offer a loyalty card?
Loyalty card offers the possibility of collecting amounts of money according to your spending, that Means, that you get reverse a financial bonus of 5%, which you earn on your account and you can always use it the next visit.

What is the Currant status on your card?
Always hen you will leaving the restaurant will be printed account of the Current status state of your account.

Lost or stolen cards.
In case of loss or theft of the card, we charge 60, – CZK for a new card, and the amount that you have collected in your account, will transfer to the newly created loyalty card.

How to get a VIP card?
The VIP card is intended for companies or interest groups when it is possible to insert amount 20 000, – CZK + VAT to recover a 10% increase in the amount deposited on this overall transaction, you will get a tax receipt. After the VIP card you use for cashless payments in our restaurants.

Gift vouchers
Gift vouchers worth: 500, -, 1000, -, 2000, – available for purchase in all our restaurants.