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Pepe Lopez are typically Mexican restaurants with a cocktail bar and a music club, which try to portray Mexican national identity in our conditions. Ingredients for food preparation are imported directly from Mexico, which is the basis for maintaining the original recipes. We also specialize in traditional Mexican alcoholic beverage and that´s of course tequila, which offer is really extensive.

Finally, we recommend our cocktail list, on which you can find a large number of cocktails that will be prepared by professionally trained staff, and there is also the music club, where you will hear the true Cuban salsa, merenque, bachata, etc. performed by true Latin music groups. Therefore you can meet both Mexican Mariachi and Cuban bands, and you can feel the scented atmosphere of this music in our clubs. Based on this characteristics, it is obvious, what kind of wind is blowing in our sails, it´s just the right Mexican wind that will swallow you and will breathe in the feeling of a holiday, thus we are ready to offer you the taste and the smell of memories and also to organize any Mexican fiesta, banquet, birthday party and many other events.

  • Chelčického 255, 430 01 Chomutov
  • tel.: +420 776 320 065
  • chomutov@pepelopez.cz
  • chomutov.pepelopez.cz
  • Provozovatel:
  • PEPE LOPEZ Y FAMILIA spol. s r.o.
  • Na Příkopě 958/25, Praha 1
  • IČO: 03199606
  • GPDR
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